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Do you need to get your car detailed, but don't have the time to drop your car off? AutoMax offers pickup and delivery services for your convenience.

Increase the value of your car with a paint touchup

Is the paint job on your car starting to peel or bubble? AutoMax will complete the necessary touchups needed to restore the look of your car. All paint is mixed in-house by a paint code, so you will get a smooth, seamless look once the paint is dry.


Contact us today and ask about local business discounts and fleet discounts. AutoMax will make sure your business' cars look professional.

Paint touchups ensure that water does not get under the paint, thereby preventing bubbling and eventual peeling. Paint can sometimes cover rust, depending on the extent of the rusting.


Contact us today for a FREE estimate on all auto detailing services, including touchups.

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Prevent future damages to your car's paint